Wednesday, May 14, 2008

YouTube Land.

It happened again. I started innocently enough looking up and old 90s rap video and that started my slow decline into YouTube submission. I was there for about an hour and a half watching c-walk videos and battles.

I must say, it was pretty amazing. It makes me smile when you see a trickle up of trends. A dance movement that started as a way to spell out gang-related symbols and images, with your feet, in 1970s Compton has evolved to something of next generation break dancing.

There are little video battles and rebuttles between two particular kids Gosu and Kyren. Little tutorials. Kids. Love stories. Groups. Pretty much everything you can imagine.

My favorite part is how they dust their shoes off at the beginning and end of each dance.

And of course the hipster kids that don't want to miss out on a trend. I think they spelled out 'ipod' and 'p-town' with their feet. (Ok, they are kinda cute.)

Up next Krumping....

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