Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Day!

I was looking out my kitchen window towards the big blackberry bush yesterday thinking "Wow I didn't know that blackberries flowered like that."

Then I thought a little bit more and was like "They don't! Those look like lilacs."

Lilacs can also be known as my favorite flower ever.

I ran outside, smelled the cone shaped clusters of tiny purple blossoms and to my glee they were lilacs! Then I did some light pruning and placed them all around my house.

What an amazing and wonderful find.

Happy day!


alyson. said...

oh, these are SO pretty!!! lucky you!

Kathleen said...

Wow! So cool that you happened to google yourself and find my!

How are you doing?

Lucy said...

lilacs always remind me of home. there's a huge bunch of them down my street and it's all I can do to keep from snatching some. lucky you :)

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