Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend past.

I had a fabulous weekend. Fabulous.

Top ten highs from the weekend.

1.) Plant shopping with Cacye.
2.) New outfits including a much needed new mini. Railroad striped! That fits!
3.) Bicycle gangs calling leah and I lasses and little asses.
4.) Impromptu dinner at Navarre. And staying within our budget. Mmmm Navarre.
5.) Popping wheelies with paper cars. Then lighting them "on fire."
6.) Art openings.
7.) Learning how to do night exposures with my camera. It works!
8.) Obama.
9.) Birthday parties and staying up past 4:30am without realizing it is that late.
10.) Walking to the farmer's market and getting ramps, rabe, leeks and asparagus.

Ok, 2 more:

11.) Beautiful sunshine.
12.) Friends. I love my friends.

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