Thursday, May 22, 2008


Jess: My training bras aren't fitting me anymore.
Kel: Maybe you are hormonal.
Jess: Maybe I like a boy. My boobs get bigger, my waist smaller, butt bigger. You know all the good lady pieces emerge.
Kel: I don't think that is what I meant.
Jess: I also get prettier, smarter, faster and more agile.
Kel: Umm, what?
Jess: And I can levitate.
Kel: We should harness this and market it.
Jess: Ok, All I have to do is spit in your mouth and you'll have the same power.
Kel: Gross. You are seriously like a trucker in a ballerina body. But a smart one. Like a dick businessman trucker with a master's degree in a ballerina body.

I love it! Trucker in a ballerina body! T-shirts will be made.

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