Saturday, February 16, 2008


I was tagged ages ago by aly and czina. I don't really get this tagging thing but aly says "she knows i want to" so here 'tis.

1.) If I was a DJ, I would want my name would be DJ FancyPants
2.) Sometimes (like tuesday) I walk around Lowe's or Home Depot or WC Winks to peep the rugged, unbelievably hot construction dudes and buy things like carriage bolts.
3.) I hate water. I drink it because I need to but I get absolutely no emotional satisfaction from it. Except hate.
4.) I procrastinate from procrastinating. It is so bad. Like right now. I should be cooking and cleaning to procrastinate from my midterm. But I am blogging to procrastinate from cooking and cleaning. Ha. My head hurts.
5.) I am vowing not to go to that bar for at least a week. Maybe two. In my defense. The past couple times I went there I didn't choose. The people I was meeting did. Although, I did not argue. At all.
6.) I say fuck way too much. I tried to curb it as a new year's resolution. It didn't work. I think the restriction made me say it more. So now my resolution is to floss my teeth more and improve my posture.
7.) When I find a song I like, I will play it on repeat until i'm sick of it. Always.
8.) I love to polish the copper bottoms of my pans and my silver. I also love oiling my wood cutting boards and sharpening my knives. Love to. Better than make out. Mediocre make out. Not hot make out.

Here's the best part. I tag.... no one!

(Every party needs a pooper...)


Czina said...

:) thanks.
i wonder what kind of music would you play as DJ fancy pants.
and water hate?
i hear it first... strange thing.

Jess said...

i'll send you a DJ FancyPants cd.


Joanna Goddard said...

do you drink lots of coke or juice? i always loved water until i started drinking tons of diet coke. then i hated water, and then i stopped drinking diet coke. and now i love water.

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