Friday, February 1, 2008

Duct Tape Dress Forms

I made a custom dress form when I was getting my Apparel Design degree at OSU. We used old school casting material and plaster. It took forever, was incredibly uncomfortable and the results were fine. One thing that really irritated me about the results was that you couldn't pin into the form. This made it extra difficult when we were learning a construction technique called draping where you create a garment through draping and slashing the fabric until it looks right.

A little while ago I found a how-to on etsy labs that teaches you about making a duct tape dress form. I think i'll try it soon. It is a handy tool to have when making clothes for yourself.


Berry said...

I made one and know you'll be happy with yours. One advise though: use a separate set of needles to pin in the dress form as the tape's glue tends to stick to the needles and makes them less convenient for regular pinning. I Wonder if that's clear... Anyway, enjoy making your form ;o)

Joanna Goddard said...

i cna't believe you had food poisoning this weekend too! you poor babe. drink lots of water -- pedilyte is great, too, since it's good to have some sodium when you are dehydrated.

feel better, my dear!

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