Sunday, February 10, 2008

Long hard weekend...

I'm at a newish bar on Alberta. I am trying to write a paper for class and it just isn't working. It is Sunday night. Should be home or at Basement trivia but neither seems right.

Gavin officially moved out this weekend. I have a heavy heart knowing it is the "right" thing while at the same time losing a good source of my stability and sanity.

My apartment feels empty even after the re-arrange and the responsibility of being the sole renter, sole income contributor, sole cat owner, sole - soul makes me sad, happy, angry & confused a la meme chose.

My brain has faith that this is the right thing. I just need my feelings to follow suit.

This was a Christmas picture that we gave to his mom who wanted a picture of us. It is so staged and so telling at the same time.

I really like the way it turned out.


Czina said...

good luck jess!!!
i am with you. absolutly sympathizing.

HollyG said...

Good luck, honey.

Robin said...

Yeah, mind vs. feelings, that is the worst. Sorry about everything.
That is a cool pic though.

leah said...

i'll come fill your apartment. xoxo.

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