Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One Piece

The past two years I have been looking for a solid one piece to wear to the beach.

I am tall-ish and have a very particular problem with one pieces. They are too short in the torso.

I wrote a story about it for creative writing when I was 7. I went something like...

I don't like my bathing suit. It gives me wedgies. I wish my bathing suit didn't give me wedgies. Then I could play in the sand for longer.

At least then it was kinda cute to see a 7 year old with a wedgie. Now it is just indecent.

I like this, this, this and this. I'll have to try them on. Then i'll squirm around in 'em in the dressing room to see how they, um....wear.

p.s. i think the model from urban is really gross looking. waaaay to skinny. ick. fire her. give us some meat!


Design Addict said...

i know exactly what you mean with the long torso thing. i'm just under 6'and i have a pretty long torso. and i have been searching and searching for a cute one piece and they never fit! i also agree with you about the urban model. give that girl a hamburger!

Anonymous said...

i saw the halter one-piece swimsuit from old navy in the store and it's really cute. and you can't beat the price! i'm not sure how it is torso-wise, but i have two-piece suits from them that i bought literally years ago and they still fit great, so it might be worth checking out.

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