Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Don't want to agree...completely.

A Cup of Jo posted this today and it made me laugh out loud. I haven't done that while sitting at home by myself in awhile.

I think this t-shirt would go great with my denim mini, tights, harness boots and a tweed blazer. Then I can wear it to that bar. It'll be like a hanky code for hetero's. Which by the way, I really wish existed. So you can just display what you are looking for like "casual make out," or "deeper connection" or "cheating on my wife." (This is just a for instance.)

Some things should just be said out right.

Speaking of all things romantical..."I'd rather Dance" by Kings of Convenience just came on my ipod and to me, it is a very sweet and honest song. Sometimes you don't want to talk.


alyson. said...

I love that song. it was like part of my summer soundtrack last year.

leah said...

i love it. we're on the same page again today.

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