Thursday, February 7, 2008

Marcel Dzama

Almost every time I go in to work with Annette she has something special for me. Either it is money for work or weird random little things. Last week it was fancy wri ting paper because "people should really start writing letters to each other again." On fancy paper.

This week she was on the phone and handed me this "book" of Marcel Dzama's work and told me to pick one or two. The book was a cardboard folder filled with loose prints of his work. It is pretty much the best idea ever. Why don't all art books do this.

I picked this one of girls and guns pointed at guys wearing gas masks and breathing fire. It is totally weird. Annette said "Of course you picked that one. Did you just look through to see which one had the ladies in the shortest skirts?"

I should have picked the image above instead and spared myself the flack.

See the books here.

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