Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Emily Post - Etiquette

I have been searching and searching for a nice old copy of Emily Posts' Etiquette and yesterday I found it. I am the proud owner of an old, unassuming copy of one of the most out of dated books from last century.

For example two excerpts from the "Longer Letters" chapter.

1.) The letter no woman should ever write:
"Never write anything that can be construed as sentimental. Never take a man to task about anything; never ask for explainations; to do so implies to great an intimacy. Never put a single clinging tentacle into writing. Say nothing ever that can be construed as demanding, asking or even eager for, his attentions!"

2.) The letter no gentleman writes:
"His letters to an unmarried woman may express all the ardor and devotion that he cares to subscribe to, but there must be no hint of his having received especial favors from her. "

It is amazing to read through these little descriptors of social history.

If you are interested in finding this book, make sure to look for the early editions as they have been revised over and over to not seem so antiquated.

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