Monday, January 28, 2008

Meet Princess Fussy Face

Name: Princess Fussy Face.
Nicknames: fussy, fuss-nuss, faucet face (she drools a lot), fussita
Loves: Bonito Flakes, playing with hair ties, wine corks and her brother Björn, climbing onto the roof, rubbing herself against my shoes and licking my sweaters' armpits. (Gross fuss!)
Hates: The vacuum, her mom, lemons and chopping onions. She cries with me when I cook.

She ate my flowers yesterday. Here is proof. Way to go fuss!

1 comment:

alyson. said...

moose's eyes tear when I'm cooking onions. he hates them too!! and he loves flower, just like miss fuss.

cute pic and bio

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