Monday, January 21, 2008

Internet Creep

There are times when I feel like an out of control voyeur. Like today when I spent an entire weekend reading about jakob and julia. (I understand that voyeurism was kinda the point of Jakob and Julia but it still doesn't make me feel good about it.) And then again today found piksi's flickr via czina.

I am quite convinced that:
1.) I am in love with her in that platonic girl love way.
2.) I want to pillage her wardrobe
3.) I need more brightly colored shoes, high waisted skirts and vintage leather bags.
4.) I have never wanted bleach blond hair more in my life. (Yes, know that would be a HORRIBLE look for me. But, one can dream.)

Ah, the sweet taste of jealousy.

1 comment:

noodle said...

Shucks. I WANT that wardrobe.

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