Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Jessica: Can I get two Pilsners please.
Bartender Dude: Umm, that's a beer.
Jessica: Yes, I know.
Bartender Dude: What kind? There are many.
Jessica: The kind that comes from the tap in a pint glass. That I have previously ordered.
Bartender Dude: Well they all could come in a pint glass.
Jessica: And from the tap? What? I have never had to explain this before. I just walk up say Pilsner and you pour it.
Bartender Dude: Can I see some ID. This seems like a trick question.
Jessica: Seriously? Umm, Sure.
Bartender Dude: So one Pilsner and two Whiskeys?
Jessica: What? No, two Pilsners.
Bartender Dude: (pours drinks) Anything else?
Jessica: Nope, that is it. Can you put it on my tab? Last name R-I-S-...
Bartender Dude: Do you have a card.
Jessica: You have my card. You started a tab for me already.
Bartender Dude: Last name?
Jessica: Ughhh!

I have been told I come across as being bitchy and I might. But this guy deserved it. My friend said he was flirting but that seems backwards to me.


alyson. said...

so does this mean that you ordered your own drink?

Anonymous said...

WAIT! Where the hell were you!?! That was the MOST ridiculous conversation. I would be equally and completely confused and saying "what the FUCK just happened"????

Did this happen last night?


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