Tuesday, January 22, 2008

iConcert Cal.

I cannot believe I have never posted on this topic before. I am astounded really. I approach strangers on the street, in restaurants, on the bus, mama's pushing babies at the park etc....and interrupt their day to tell them about the wonders of iConcert cal.

For all you itunes users, this little application will scan your entire music library and search for local shows of your artists. They do the obscure too. It is amazing. You can change your location too so if you are going out of town you can search for shows in say Seattle, San Fran, or even like Boise. (There is no real reason to go to Boise but it is just a for instance, you know?)

I actually don't think I would ever see a show if it wasn't for this interface.

Thanks to iConcert cal I have secured tickets to the following shows for the next three months. (I sound like an infomercial.)

Thanks iConcert cal!

Yeasayer @ Holocene
Dean & Britta @ The Aladdin
St. Vincent @ Doug Fir
Beach House @ Holocene
Cadence Weapon @ Holocene
Jens Lekman @ Berbati's
Sun Kil Moon @ The Aladdin

I am a happy little bee. If anyone wants to attend any of these with me let me know.


laceyJ. said...

Lucky! Those shows sound so enjoyable. Not too many bands make it to my neck of the woods!

Me! Noel C. said...

Oooh, I was planning on going to the yeasayer show- Hopefully see you there!

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