Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The boy and I took an end of Summer trip to the dunes on the Central Oregon Coast.

I lived about an hour away from these for a year and never went. Mind boggling.

The trip included camping in Yachats.
A barefoot walk through the dunes (ouch) to get the perfect picture of my dream home.
Sliding down the abandones dunes on my bum. We were the only ones there.
Tide pools and wave rainbows.
Aquarium going.
Old-town Newport bay clam chowder and my brand new whole 13lb tuna. Yum.

We have done 5 trips in 5 consecutive weekends. I said I needed a weekend off on our way home this past Sunday. Now, I am rethinking that.

I wouldn't mind Matsutake hunting in Central Oregon this weekend.


Emily Katz said...

oooh me me! I was thinking chantrelle hunting...

Jill said...

Oh, looks like so much fun! the photos remind me of Montery, CA where I used to live. Such pretty dunes.

sushipie said...

I am so jeleous about the sand dunes. Those weekend trips sound so fun!

amy said...

That skirt is so fabulous! I would have worn it six times in six days. Gorgeous pics.

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