Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bubble gum.

I am infusing bubblegum vodka for a friends' pretty, pretty, princess party.

Pink bubbly drinks. Angel food cake with pink frosting. (Her favorite.)

The experiment just started about 10 minutes ago and the infusion is already bright pink.

And the kitchen smells like bubblegum.

The drink will be like a French 75 but with bubblegum vodka instead of cognac.

I'll let you know how it turns out.


leah said...

Yup, still gross.

Roberta Jane said...

oh my! sounds equal parts yummy and disgusting - i must try!

amanda said...

mmm...interesting concept. really curious to see how this turns out. i think it could be quite dandy!

Vanessa said...

I too have doubts, but am really curious! I feel like it could go either way, but definitely worth the try!

rorey said...

Actually, this sounds grrreat!. Wish I was there to try some. Maybe when you come to visit, you can bring a bottle since alcohol is such a treat over here.

kat(i)e and devin said...

Yes! I remember you telling Ben and us about this upcoming project. What kind of gum decide you decide to use? I appreciate your sense of adventure. I mean, bubble gum + vodka = adventure, right?

CapicĂșa said...

wow sounds amazing. could you please please give us the recepy. It seems like the perfect drink for a "only girls" party. I hope your friend enjoy it. cheers.

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