Friday, March 21, 2008


I'm off to Seattle for the weekend.

I haven't been out of town for ages or had 3 consecutive days off.

(Not that I won't pay for it when I get back.)

I'm excited about....

The new sneakers I got my car yesterday for the trip.

Visiting with Daniel and eating dinner out.

Going on a run to see the dino babies and the sculpture park every morning.

Shows (actually don't want to see this but they are free tickets. meaning, I can go, hear one song and leave.) & Shows

Spending a lot of time alone doing whatever I want.

And of course, coming back to Portland with only 24 hours until Bon Iver on Monday night :)

xoxo my lovelies.


alyson. said...

lucky! that sounds like a fabulous weekend. have fun!

rachel said...

heh, i'm in seattle, but also leaving for the weekend! have fun here. the sun just came out a little bit :)

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