Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mellow Moods

I have had a weird few days and felt totally bummed out Tuesday. I went for a long run in the pouring rain and listened to rap from my high school days. (You know, stuff like project pat, the click, dead prez, nas, kilo ali....classy stuff.) My ending destination was kk's house. I get there to find her roommates preparing for a talent show.

I decided that staying there and hanging out in a room full of people I don't know would be more cathartic than talking with close friends or staying home with the beasts and trying to get some much needed work done.

There were moments of pure greatness like the guy who chugged a 22 of Guinness in 10 seconds. And the guy who donned a costume composed of spandex, boxer briefs, a fancy women's headress and theatrically hand walked out the door. Or the art school girls who dressed identical to each other and acted out a mirrored-image-improv-dance thing.

I even liked kk's bf's homemade instrument. No really I did. That is genuine.

Then I drove a guest home and we sang 'Take Me Home" by Phil Collins at the top of our lungs and debated whether R. Kelly really is as he says 'the king of r&b.' (We decided he was and sadly-currently, unopposed.)

It all made me feel better. And I had clarity like....get out of my head, stop analyzing, you can't be responsible for other people's bullshit yada yada yada....

That made my Wednesday great!

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