Monday, March 31, 2008


I have resented the resurgence of leotards as a fashion item. This is partly because much of it can be accredited to Dov Charney King Skeez of the Skeez's and his American Apparel empire.

Alas, I actually need one. I start my Ballet class tomorrow and have to go search for one today. Ideally one that is long enough in the torso, isn't indecently low the front or the back, or too high cut on the legs but at the same time isn't something a 5 year old would wear.

Basically, nothing that screams hot-dirty-sex:


Something in the middle. Like flirty-frolic with sunshine. (Sunshine could be a cute boy...I am flexible.)

I am up for the challenge. So is Leah. She should actually photograph this journey. It could actually be really entertaining given what I have found online so far.

Speaking of King Skeez...The Jezebel ladies did a nice expose on Dov. Their articles read like a sophisticated soap opera. Hunker down with a glass of pinot and enjoy the afternoon with





& my favorite.

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Anonymous said...

though i do not envy you having to find a leotard, i do wish i could take ballet again. i really miss it.

and i'm with you...dov is such a skeezeball. so much that, despite how incredibly comfy the aa t-shirts look, i can't bring myself to support him by buying one.

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