Friday, March 28, 2008


Setting....waiting for the loo. Yes, I am waiting to use the restroom.

Dude: It's my birthday.
Jess: Happy Birthday.
Dude: Guess how old I am.
Jess: Umm, 28?
Dude: Nooooooo.
Jess: How old are you?
Dude: 32.
Jess: Nice.
(Bathroom opens. I go half way in.)
Dude: Has anyone ever told you that you have a beautiful nose. It is like cinematic beautiful (he. touches. my. nose).
Jess: I have never gotten cinematic before. That is new.
Dude: I mean your whole face is beautiful but your nose is just angular and beautiful I mean every part. (leans in to touch again as I slowly keep moving into the restroom.)
Jess: Umm, thanks. I'm going now.

Note to boys: not okay!


Robin said...

Ahhh, this makes me laugh so hard!
Some people are so weird!

alyson. said...

hehe, that's so strange. boys are weird.

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