Monday, August 24, 2009

Puerto Vallarta

I've been joking about wanting to go on a honeymoon lately.
You know, minus the marriage part.

The boy and I are headed to Puerto Vallarta in November.
That'll suffice.

A good excuse to buy a J.Crew one-piece with an end of season discount.

Any suggestions of things we should see or do?



pigeon.toed said...

i'm so jealous! i've been wanting to vacation to a warm, tropical place!

i'm B. said...

we went there for our honeymoon and there are all kinds of day cruise trips you can take but we found one that was more like a sail boat and only held 40 people. they served breakfast on the boat, stopped to snorkel, continued down the coast and stopped for lunch on this beach where you can go up to a waterfall on horseback! it was probably the best thing we did our whole trip.
also, the food from the small vendors is just as good (if not better) than any of the restaurants and WAY cheaper. ask around for "huaraches" (sp?). made-to-order corn tortillas filled with whatever you want--sooo good.
and if it rains, matinees are like $3!
have fun!

Afton said...

i just got back from my honeymoon in p.v.! if you have time, take the bus to sayulita for a night or two. super chill, surfer / fishing town about an hour north with the most amazing beaches and awesome waves. (it is like 20 pesos for the bus ride and totally a cultural experience.) and eat at the sayulita cafe--the mocahete is to die for! we stayed in a little beachside grass bungalow called "junto el rio" that was amazing. also in p.v., check out the restaurant "barracuda" doesn't look like much, but they have amazing shrimp tacos, mojitos, and the best peruvian ceviche i've had in a long time. the beaches further south are nice and quiet. take a boat to yelapa for the day, you'll feel like you're on a stranded island. (just don't forget to bring enough bottled water!) have a blast! let me know if you need any more recommendations...

Anonymous said...

I lived in Mexico for the past 5 years and in PV for 8 months of that time. There are really wonderful aspects to it...any many superficial, crowded, expensive aspects to it, too. I echo comments that suggest getting out of town. In addition to Salyulita, there is a brilliant town called San Pancho (it's official name is San Francisco). It is about 45 minutes outside of PV and it just a gem. There is a great beach that is very quiet during the week, lots of little art galleries and cafe in town. A wonderful escape.

In town, if you want a cool local hangout, check out Cafe Candela. It is on Calle Guerrero and is a bar/restaurant (unique pizzas & other treats cooked in a huge stove oven)that is located in an old horse stable. A lot of local young professionals and artists hang out there as well as Mexican nationals visiting from Guadalajara & DF. There's live music and/or performance art there sometimes, too.

Enjoy your time in PV! I miss it a lot! Suerte y buen viaje!

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