Monday, August 3, 2009

Julie + Julia

I've spent years scouring antique stores and Goodwills for Julia Childs' books.
Own most.

At 5, I preferred the french chef to sesame street.

Read Julie + Julia and wished I had thought of it.

Listened to every subsequent interview with the author, Julie Powell.

I have been patiently waiting since hearing Meryl Streep was cast as Julia Child, to see this movie.

6 more days.

I cannot wait.

Until old clip.


alyson. said...

yes yes yes! I'd love to see it too.

amelia said...

wowww, you sound like you are technically more of a julie and julia fan than me, BUT i think I may be equally as excited?

Allison said...

you've been ambushed, which just means I would like to know more about you! see my blog to check it out!

Noël said...

I had the super duper chance to see an early showing of Julie & Julia. Streep does fabulous!

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