Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Clear Lake

This past weekend we went to clear lake near Bend.

We rented a row boat, had a picnic and stayed until dusk.

It was quite spectacular. You could see straight to the white sandy bottom at points it was 100 feet down and you could still see everything underneath.

There are free standing petrified trees in the middle of the lake that you can row right over. It appears that you are going to hit them but then you get there and realize the tops are still a good 10+ feet below you.

So great. I want to go back right now.


Kirsten said...

Where is this amazing place?

alyson. said...

sounds like just what I need.

Andrea said...

Sounds great!
Where is this place!!!

Ellen said...

Wow that's amazing! I can't believe how clear that water is!

the southern hostess said...

So beautiful! I want to be there right now.

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