Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Last year this time I had just been laid off and was looking for any excuse to occupy my time. I had 60 spare hours each week! (That's a lot. Think about what you would do with 60 spare hours.)

I found stylediary.net and that kept me distracted for awhile. It is considered a "fashionista's myspace." Whatever that means. I use it to remember cute outfits I wore and see what other people are doing with their wardrobes. It helps me diversify what I wear and how I use things I already own. See!

And, it is a great way to waste a couple hours week.


alyson. said...

a new blog, yay! how exciting!

I haven't looked much into style diary...maybe it's that I don't have enough time to post something of my own.

Jess said...

it takes not much time at all. here is mine ( http://www.mystylediary.net/Default.aspx?user=lautumn )

i obviously don't post much.

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