Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Socks or something like 'em...

I love Oregon weather year round. I don't mind the grey or the rain but there is something very special that happens in the fall/winter....I cannot for the life of me get warm. I blast the heat in the car, take long baths, have a ridiculous collection of wool coats with extra warm liners and double up my socks in my boots.

I am in love with this local company's selection of thigh high socks. They are like baby legs for adults. I want like 6 pairs for lounging around at home and wearing under skirts when I brave the outdoors. Maybe they will help stop my shivering before june.

1 comment:

alyson. said...

you and me both. keeping warm is an issue. except this Florida girl still has her Florida blood.

looks like I'll be stocking up on some winter stockings this year.

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