Friday, November 9, 2007


I have an internal battle with the idea that I try to eat, clean and live local, sustainable, organic etc. I keep wanting to expand this to my clothing and accessories but I cannot for the life of me afford loomstate, serfontaine or same underneath. The one way I try is by purchasing used over new, sewing my own clothes out of recycled fabric or reinventing something from a completely out of date garment. (Kinda like flipping a house, the bones are good but they need new accessories.)

I have been trying to find a good used leather bag for the past two years. I haven't found a single thing I like. My socially conscious alternative is designer Ashley Watson. She creates her stylish bags from recycled leather. She isn't local but her wares aren't coming from china. In fact, they are just over the Canadian border in Vancouver.

I can live with that. Quite happily indeed.

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alyson. said...

why is it so freaking expensive to save the world?

I'm totally in agreement with you on this one.

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