Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Please notice.

This weekend there was a minor adventure that included trying on JCrew, ankle, toothpick jeans.

Neither myself nor my shopping compatriot were impressed. She might have even gone as far to refer to them as the new "mom jean." I know. Mean! Right?

AND, completely true!

The waist fit was off. They gave us saddle bags in the thighs and knees. Yep, baggy saddle bag knees.

It was in one word, tragic.

At risk of being slightly controversial i'm just going to say, I got a pair at F21 and they are soooo much better.

Do what you like with that information.


alyson. said...

I bought them. and thought they were super cute.

however, I returned them on Sunday because I thought it was pointless to have ankle pants in winter.

jess r. said...

you might want to give it a second thought.

they are perfect for wearing with boots since they are so skinny and not long.

just an idea.

alyson. said...

yea yea yea.... in all honestly though, I thought they fit really well. maybe I h ave bigger legs that fill them out more, but whatevs, I thought they were cute.

sadly I've been on a black cord hunt for weeks and wanted them, but, a cardigan helped me make my decision to return them.

alyson. said...

oh... and btw, love your new header, obviously.

Anonymous said...

I take that mom jean comment personally :ol

3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

I couldn't not with your post more! In fact, I wrote a post myself about the jcrew toothpick weeks ago when I gave them a try. They're silly! AND that's coming from someone who loves all things jcrew.

Caroline said...

Don't tell anyone but I often shop at F21. Great place to pick up of-the-moment trends without spending a wad of cash. I've started buying obscenely expensive jeans (like True Religion and Seven For All Mankind) because they fit so much better, but my absolute favorite skinny jeans of all time actually came from Old Navy!

karen said...

I had the same experience! The j. crew toothpicks just don't look good on me. And I looove the F21 skinnies. Not all jeans look good on all bodies!

Liz Stanley said...

what is it about forever 21? seriously, a couple diff times i looked all over for a specific kind of pant and couldn't find what i was looking for until i tried on the $14 pair at forever 21. i don't know what they are doing. but it's working!

kadler said...

I've never been able to wear J. Crew jeans either. Not sure why, but I agree with the saggy bum.

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