Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Cold weather and my hands and feet are official enemies. I have Reynaud's. So does my mom. And sister.

This means that my fingers and toes loose circulation and turn white in the cold. And by cold I mean 50˚. It progressively gets worse. My mom's fingers loose circulation in the 60s.

Gloves for us are sacred. I usually double up and layer thin, knit gloves and bulky mittens. This year I want leather gloves. Preferably opera length. I had a perfect pair a couple years ago that I accidentally left in a cab in NY. Oops.

Hopefully I can find something this year.

Vintage ($20.00) Ruffle Gloves ($49.50) Polka Dots $68

Elbow Length Cashmere (€98,00) Zip Leather ($48)


Robin said...

My sister and I both have Reynaud's too. It's the worst with my toes, they get stiff and white in the cold, even with shoes and socks!

g/d said...

I saw those long zip leather gloves at UO a couple of weeks ago and had to baaaaaaack awaaaaaaaaaay slooooooowly...they are so so so gorgeous!

Julia L said...

I have been scouting leather gloves as well. Just stopped by Target recently and they had a pretty large selection in the $15-20 range. Must go back!

Found your blog through Darling Dexter. Had to see what the name was about.

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