Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thank you


Allison left this in a comment on my vent from yesterday.

It has so far made my morning. And I just have to say:

OMG! Where did you find my new boyfriend?

He might be a little young & let's be honest, most likely not into girls.

Ok, ok, the kitten shirt & lame jacket are a little overkill. But BOB, Lip Gloss, Bizarre Love Triangle, sail boats, weiner dogs with parrots, dancing in the library with head phones....

Maybe just a new best friend?

Jacob. I love you.


alyson. said...

ok, can we just go to 2:57 and watch please? oh my god.
and Debbie Deb? he's totally a winner, Jess.

and I hope your day is better. :)

alyson. said...

ha, the Madonna moves are AMAZING..


allison said...

You're welcome! It made me feel a MILLION times better, and I was having a really wretched day.


Carissa said...

Oh, art school kids.

The garage door opening behind him at 5:13 is my fav.

Anonymous said...

One of the best things I've seen in my entire 29 years. Hopefully it will stay that way until July 11, 2009 because the best thing in 30 years would be amazing!

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