Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kitten in a box.

I have already had a ridiculously shitty week. Starting, well...yesterday morning at 10am.

I would like to exchange lives for a moment and be this kitten in a box.

Please, please, please can I be a kitty in a box. Just a day?

Fuck, I'll even take 10 minutes so long as I don't have to hear the words recession, unemployment, rate, job loss, stimulus, bill, package, woman attacked by chimpanzee. Any of these.

And, I especially don't want to hear about people moving back in with their parents because of these things either.

So, yes. Kitten in a box. Please.


Carissa said...

Who is moving back in with their parents?

I owe money on taxes, and my check engine light is on. Those are two other crummy words I didn't want to hear this week.

allison said...

You have no idea how much this post resonated with me. Only partially because of my love for kittens.


allison said...

You need THIS:


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