Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hello Truck,

Nice to meet you. We will be spending a lot of time together in the next few days. Please:

-do not break down.
-if you do break down, please do so in a fun or warm place. Like the beach. Or Graceland. Or Moab.
and lastly,
-please, please, please be patient with me when i drive you.

Thank you.



alyson. said...

ha! that's wonderful.

I hope you had fun in Tampa!


genevieve said...

Oh my god, that is SO COOL. I want to run away with you guys and live in a small corner of your camper. DAMN!

kelly said...

WOW :D that's a funny sight to see! You are going to have such an adventure. Call me when you return, we are due for a drink.


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