Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bob Dylan & Suze Rotolo

I just finished listening to the Fresh Air interview of Suze Rotolo.

I sat in my car at destination to finish listening to the interview. I am a huge sucker for realistic love stories. The ones that include all aspects of relationships like you didn't know his real last name until he was sauced and dropped his wallet.

And, usually I hate Ms. Gross' speculations about her interviewees but the mentor-mentee part was fairly relevant. I dated an artist 10 years my senior and fell into the cycle of admiration and constant learning but there was balance. There were things that I was much better at. Qualities that he admired and constantly learned from too. Balance.

Have a listen. And then re-listen to the entire Freewheelin' Bob Dylan album.


Jennifer said...

They may have been airing the interview as Rotolo passed away this week:

everyone calls me bon bon said...

Love Bob Dylan. Very interesting concept on relationship too, makes sense! xoxo

Nome Alone said...

I love bob Dylan and this post!

Isa said...

Listening :)!

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