Monday, March 21, 2011

Let's Run Away

Portland, your weather is breaking my heart.

Let's run away.

By run away, I mean go to the beach house. And hibernate inside.

We can lounge around and watch a marathon of march madness games while indulging in comfort foods. I'm thinking baked mac 'n cheese. Or nachos.

Sunday morning I'll have to prepare for my big meeting later this week. And you will have to respond to emails. This is to be accomplished with mimosas from under a down comforter while listening to this mix and the waves.

5-mile run. Smoked trout hash. More basketball. More mimosas.

Time is irrelevant. Naps are a must.

We will survive this dismal week.

If that fails, let's take a 3-week vacation to Bali.

It is sunny there.



Unknown said...

Sounds like a fabulous plan!

jordan said...

my closest friends and family are in oklahoma, and they assume that because i'm in "sunny california" that life is nice and sunny for's not. it's been raining for two weeks straight and i'm over it.

Not so esoteric said...

Gosh, is that the view from your living room window?
I had to transplant from luscious Portland to the miserable desert in California for school. I would take that view and rain.

Lizie said...

Love this picture! Can I ask you where those shoes are from? I love them!!

Natalie said...

That sounds lovely! Though I'd like to escape from the Arizona heat...Vail perhaps? Great blog =]


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