Wednesday, June 23, 2010

KL Part One

In Kuala Lumpur visiting my sister for the next two weeks.

On our first full day here Ror took us to the Batu Caves.

I saw my first monkey in real life and also my first monkey attack. I am officially afraid of them. They are pests.

We ate the best Indian food I have ever had made by Shaneet, a good friend of Rorey and Cody. He owns a restaurant here. He said it was made with love and our bellies were full with love.

We watched the world cup at a local bar.
At night!

It was refreshing that the US game started at 10pm instead of 7am.

Tonight, drinks at Petronas Towers.

This weekend relaxing at the Perhentian Islands.

Next week Cambodia and Angkor Wat.

Stay tuned...

1 comment:

Liz Stanley said...

yes! we traveled around a few years ago and stayed in the perhentian islands as well. it was our favorite. and there were no americans there. also awesome. ahhh i miss it!

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