Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Death Valley, CA

Spent three days drying out in Death Valley for the weekend.

It was an amazing time.

The weather was beautiful. Sunny skies and temperatures hovering around 100 degrees.

I walked through canyons and salt flats, drove on rough roads to see ghost towns and sailing stones, camped under the full moon and stars, saw some of the most vibrant desert wildflowers, ran into a few kit foxes and lizards and drank more water then I knew I was capable of.

It was perfect.

I only wish I brought more oranges to eat. I craved them the entire time I was there.


Anonymous said...

That vacation sounds amazing and the pictures are beautiful. It's so wonderful to be completely away from things for a while...

Coyote Kind said...

Beautiful photos! Love your blog.
Coyote Kind


Jillian said...

death valley is magik! learned my lesson not to go in august though...the heat is unfathomable!

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