Thursday, June 26, 2008

Running in circles.

I searched my itunes this morning for a bit of time before settling on Stina Nordenstam's "The World is Saved" album. It was one of my favorite albums in 2004. Still holds up well today.

It seemed like very appropriate match for my baked egg and roasted asparagus breakfast.

I sat down to eat, listen and read the wiki on Michel Gondry.

Oh, what is this I see? He directed the Stina Nordenstam video for "Little Star."

(Any girl infatuated with Baz Lurhman's Romeo and Juliet will remember this song. The breathy, sweet, girly, warm-fuzzy song that played after Tybalt is killed and Juliet is wanting Romeo to come, and she wants for him to be cut into little pieces after he dies and make the face of night heavenly. That everyone will be in love with night, and not the garrish day. I'm just saying...)

Ch-Ch-Check it out. Not a great video but definitely good for some old fashioned reminiscing in the morning.

(Yes, she is Swedish. I actually don't think I'm allowed to listen to anything outside of that region anymore.)

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Klintron said...

Of course, the best Gondry video is Chuggo's "C'mon Fuckin' Guy"

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