Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tiger Tiger

Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore my hairdresser Kammie. She works at Tiger Tiger on Alberta. Chances are, if we are friends (or family), she has even cut your hair.

She rocks.

I got my hair cut on Monday and she brought a photo in of what she wanted to do to my hair. I love it!

Then she asked me how my single life was going. To which I replied 'the best!'

Then I extolled the ideas of my ideal 'relationship.' That being one night a week of hanging out with no effort. I don't want to get to know friend groups. Have stuff at each persons' place. Worry about calling, or not calling. Etc.

None of it. No work. No thanks.

Just fun.

Then she says, 'great, this still gives me hope that you will still be my future sister in-law.'


(I like how sean's tiger is about to eat me.)

1 comment:

alyson. said...

your hair looks so great!

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