Friday, April 25, 2008

Church + State

The sun is out today. Hooray!

It makes me want fun springtime dresses that flare when you chaînés.

Can't chaînés yet. But soon, very soon.

These are perfect examples of dresses fit for my mood today from the local company church + state.

P.S. The model was our cocktail waiter the other night. It reminds me how small Portland is when that happens.


Czina said...

it seems that portland is as small as prague :)

this collection is very interesting.
and yes
spring like.

jo said...

i love her hair do!

judithe & francine said...


love love love the church & state garb.

you are tres cool chickadee.

p.s. we copied your danae diaz call-out. but good art should be pimped out! yes? look for her too in this upcoming week (we are editors and writers for the site).

have a sunshiney day queen j.

*f & j

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