Sunday, December 2, 2007


I have two research papers to write today*. A lit. review, case study, lab book rap up, 2 late chapter summaries....

I hate the end of each term. It is the time that all my procrastinating catches up with me all at once.

Distracting me today is:
- Free Rice
- In The Moment swap partners revealed
- Kitties!

*Might ave known about these for awhile (ie. all term).

And that is an actual picture of me today.


Robin said...

Hi! I'm looking forward to being your CD swap partner!
I'm working on putting my mix together now...
I am also dealing with the end-of-term blahs, so I know the feeling. Good luck with everything!

Czina said...

great picture!

i am getting to be your swap partner, so i will make it interesting for you, to rise up your day (i hope :))

jess r. said...

you gals are too sweet!

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