Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Clark and Michael

My internal conversation goes something like:
Evil Jessica: Dang these two are adorable in the nerdy, sloppy first kiss, fumbling make-out kinda way.
Good Jessica: Yes, young. They are practically fetuses.
Evil Jessica: What? I can still look and from a distance. The one in brown is looking right at me saying "yeah you hottie" with his eyes....and body. Plus I think the one in yellow has a (hetero-notmaive) boner you just can't see it. NSFW you know?
Good Jessica: Get to work on your papers and stop watching their videos. Your drool is going to damage your keyboard and make your computer short circuit or something. Then there will be no nerds for you!

No seriously. This site will suck up like 12 hours of your day if you let it. Hooray for the cleverly hip, the young and the motivated!

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vic said...

Oh, I agree! Michael Cera is the cutest ever. So funny and great. I can't wait to see him in Juno. I do have to remind myself that he's not even 20 yet though. Life is so cruel!

I found you through the fabulous cup of jo!

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