Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One Piece

The past two years I have been looking for a solid one piece to wear to the beach.

I am tall-ish and have a very particular problem with one pieces. They are too short in the torso.

I wrote a story about it for creative writing when I was 7. I went something like...

I don't like my bathing suit. It gives me wedgies. I wish my bathing suit didn't give me wedgies. Then I could play in the sand for longer.

At least then it was kinda cute to see a 7 year old with a wedgie. Now it is just indecent.

I like this, this, this and this. I'll have to try them on. Then i'll squirm around in 'em in the dressing room to see how they, um....wear.

p.s. i think the model from urban is really gross looking. waaaay to skinny. ick. fire her. give us some meat!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


These Assouline stationary sets make me want to take up writing letters. At $120 a set though they make me want to take up letterpress first. Letters second.

The skulls are my favorite.

Ronit Baranga

I love when people remake/remix/re-see life in the ordinary. These tea cups from Ronit Baranga are fabulous. I would love to have something like this walking across the top of my cook bookshelf.

I can't seem to find much more information about the designer though....

Old Phones

Does anyone else miss having a land line? Not knowing who is calling and when and that associated surprise. The idea that calling past 9pm is poor form because the entire house will ring. I would totally get a land line again if they didn't cost $30/mo and you know, if it was useful. In reality I am here during the day when no one would call and out at night when people would.

I guess I should just accept that it is an era that has passed.

This site has a great selection of nostalgic phones.

Monday, February 25, 2008

fish can talk.


nikola tamindzic

Just spent about an hour at Home of the Vain. His images are seedy, stylized and totally voyeuristic. Three of my favorite things.

They all have photo captions like:

" this bitch makes me happier than Bob Barker on a rainbow with all them neutered pets"


" no sleep 'til my mattress is shot"

& (my favorite)

"slut machine"

(I do not recommend looking at this site at work. FYI.)

Be Kind Rewind

How did i miss this coming out last weekend? I had it marked on my calendar and have been planning on seeing it since like last april.

I might go by myself tomorrow unless I can find someone to go with.

Sweding: remaking something from scratch using whatever you can get your hands on. Kinda like me and my love life.

The website is pretty rad.

Stella McCartney for Adidas

I do pilates three days a week religiously. I think these dance inspired yoga pieces from her new collection would be a great addition to my rotating wear.

Friday, February 22, 2008

On Repeat.

Members of P:ano.
From Vancouver B.C.
Called "hyper-prog" by some. I think of it as "dream pop."
(Over explanatory music genre's make me laugh.)
Read, Listen, Love


To sit on...

I want this seat slice for my computer chair. Not for$238 but it gives me direction for what I really want in place of the crappy flattened pillow I sit on. More cush for my tush.

As Master P would say: "We're going thru some thangs..."

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Still Sunny.


9.) I like to make animated gifs when i'm bored.

White Wine & Sunshine

My bestest called me yesterday afternoon for a "White Wine & Sunshine" party at 3pm. I love that she is not working right now. It means that I have someone to play with.

I brought over a pinot gris, and some castelvetrano olives (mmmm my favorite) and we sat in her new yard.

I think this is the beginning of a great tradition.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Don't want to agree...completely.

A Cup of Jo posted this today and it made me laugh out loud. I haven't done that while sitting at home by myself in awhile.

I think this t-shirt would go great with my denim mini, tights, harness boots and a tweed blazer. Then I can wear it to that bar. It'll be like a hanky code for hetero's. Which by the way, I really wish existed. So you can just display what you are looking for like "casual make out," or "deeper connection" or "cheating on my wife." (This is just a for instance.)

Some things should just be said out right.

Speaking of all things romantical..."I'd rather Dance" by Kings of Convenience just came on my ipod and to me, it is a very sweet and honest song. Sometimes you don't want to talk.

Yes Please!

It has been sunny and gorgeous the past few days. Rain today. But oh-me-oh-mighty was the weekend beautiful. I broke out spring dresses. It isn't quite open toe shoe season but if it was these would have been on my feet.


Jessica: I can't do that I have a cyst in my wrist.
Christoph: Is that Dr. Seuss. Can you make a fist with the cyst in your wrist?
Jessica: I can make a fist in a twist.
Christoph: A fist in a twist with a cyst in your wrist.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Emily Post - Etiquette

I have been searching and searching for a nice old copy of Emily Posts' Etiquette and yesterday I found it. I am the proud owner of an old, unassuming copy of one of the most out of dated books from last century.

For example two excerpts from the "Longer Letters" chapter.

1.) The letter no woman should ever write:
"Never write anything that can be construed as sentimental. Never take a man to task about anything; never ask for explainations; to do so implies to great an intimacy. Never put a single clinging tentacle into writing. Say nothing ever that can be construed as demanding, asking or even eager for, his attentions!"

2.) The letter no gentleman writes:
"His letters to an unmarried woman may express all the ardor and devotion that he cares to subscribe to, but there must be no hint of his having received especial favors from her. "

It is amazing to read through these little descriptors of social history.

If you are interested in finding this book, make sure to look for the early editions as they have been revised over and over to not seem so antiquated.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Going to see St. Vincent at the Doug Fir tonight with Leah.

Yep. Uh huh. So excited.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I was tagged ages ago by aly and czina. I don't really get this tagging thing but aly says "she knows i want to" so here 'tis.

1.) If I was a DJ, I would want my name would be DJ FancyPants
2.) Sometimes (like tuesday) I walk around Lowe's or Home Depot or WC Winks to peep the rugged, unbelievably hot construction dudes and buy things like carriage bolts.
3.) I hate water. I drink it because I need to but I get absolutely no emotional satisfaction from it. Except hate.
4.) I procrastinate from procrastinating. It is so bad. Like right now. I should be cooking and cleaning to procrastinate from my midterm. But I am blogging to procrastinate from cooking and cleaning. Ha. My head hurts.
5.) I am vowing not to go to that bar for at least a week. Maybe two. In my defense. The past couple times I went there I didn't choose. The people I was meeting did. Although, I did not argue. At all.
6.) I say fuck way too much. I tried to curb it as a new year's resolution. It didn't work. I think the restriction made me say it more. So now my resolution is to floss my teeth more and improve my posture.
7.) When I find a song I like, I will play it on repeat until i'm sick of it. Always.
8.) I love to polish the copper bottoms of my pans and my silver. I also love oiling my wood cutting boards and sharpening my knives. Love to. Better than make out. Mediocre make out. Not hot make out.

Here's the best part. I tag.... no one!

(Every party needs a pooper...)

Friday, February 15, 2008


Kel: I just tried looking slyly and he was soooo looking over here.
Jess: Gah.
Kel: Just go over there and talk to him.
Jess: Umm, no. I don't know. No.
Kel: Jessica he is just sitting there by himself. This is perfect.
Jess: No, now he's talking to that guy.
Kel: Well at least get up and walk to the bathroom and make eye contact.
Jess: Seriously? If i did that i would make eye contact and run into something because i'm not looking where i'm going and eat shit in the middle of the bar and flash my lady bitties or something.
Kel: Well, at least you would get his attention. It would be cute.

So this means...

right. uh huh. yes indeed.

via indexed.

(fyi. her book came out!)


Loving the Hitchcock themed photo shoot Vanity Fair just did.

Hitchcock is one of my favorites and will be forever and ever. My pops and I used to watch them all the time together. That and Mystery! on PBS. Especially Poirot. I love me some quirky Belgians.

Good times.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Mixes and a Story.

I got the love mixes out on Tuesday which means they should be showing up in mailboxes any day now....

The song I chose for the mix was Fistful of Love by Antony and the Johnsons.It is not a classic love song. It is about tension, struggle and indifference within love. Each time I hear Fistull of Love, I am transported back to the moment it first entered my consciousness.

And a love story.

August 2005. It is about 8:00 at night, still very bright out and stifling hot. EJ and I had just moved into our new house about a month earlier. A first home purchase for the two of us. He worked as a music supervisor for w+k and would frequently come home with new music for me. I was working my egregious 12 hour days for the photographer that left me physically and emotionally drained.

EJ and I kinda had a passionate but rocky relationship.

Like this song I remember everything about the first time I ever saw him. What we wore, the temperature and tone of the light, the way he mouthed 'hi' to me through a crowd and I looked around like a dork to see who he was motioning to. Then he chuckled and come over. We had amazing, intense, heart warming conversations for the rest of the night and that was the beginning of a life changing romance.

He was over protective. I craved independence. He wanted to talk at length and say things like "it hurts my heart." Or fight. I would need to be quiet and alone and think until i am ready to react. He is selfish. I am stubborn. We were having tension around space and needs.

I was past talking. It was a very trying day and I situated myself in the kitchen with a crisp glass of pinot gris, cooking a risotto with fresh heirloom tomatoes, corn and basil from a Sauvie's. I was not looking forward to him coming home. He always wanted to lay down and reflect about life or the day...something. He would make me drop what I am doing to do so. I was enjoying my time in my space. Dread.

EJ walked into the house. Put the record on. Didn't say a word. Kissed me on the forehead and left me with Antony, my Pinot Gris and the simmering Risotto.

It was perfect. My insides melted. We toasted, we ate, we loved.

When I hear this song it makes me think of that moment. The love isn't necessarily in the lyrics or tone but in the memories that are infused in the music itself. And the moment when all the needs are met, and there is understanding, sympathy, compassion and love.


Valentine's Day

This is my favorite from Kate Spade's e-valentine's.


Thanks for the tip Aly.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Alela Diane

My winter 2006/2007 favorite has a take away show. Almost as fun as seeing her live in Portland when she lived here.

Babies, old ladies and Alela.


Found it!

Couldn't have imagined anything more perfect than this bralet and undie set. And they're cheap!


There is one time each year that i wish i still dated a music supervisor.

That is when the list of SXSW artists is released. Then i read through it go yes, yes, yes, YES!!!!

Like today. Lykke Li! And one of my bestest friend Daniel. I really want to go.

I can wait for Lykke Li to come here. Patiently.

I can hear the hipsters sobbing...

Is this for real?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Long hard weekend...

I'm at a newish bar on Alberta. I am trying to write a paper for class and it just isn't working. It is Sunday night. Should be home or at Basement trivia but neither seems right.

Gavin officially moved out this weekend. I have a heavy heart knowing it is the "right" thing while at the same time losing a good source of my stability and sanity.

My apartment feels empty even after the re-arrange and the responsibility of being the sole renter, sole income contributor, sole cat owner, sole - soul makes me sad, happy, angry & confused a la meme chose.

My brain has faith that this is the right thing. I just need my feelings to follow suit.

This was a Christmas picture that we gave to his mom who wanted a picture of us. It is so staged and so telling at the same time.

I really like the way it turned out.

Agnes Montgomery

Anyone love the Panda Bear album as much as I did?

Anyone dig the album art as much as I did?

They are all collages by a gal named Agnes Montgomery.

I really dig her work. My dad used to create similar works in the '70s. I miss it.

More! We need more!

Leah Verwey

Meet Leah. She is an old co-worker of mine and one of my most important friends. (I'm getting sentimental.) We have been through a lot together. I love her.

She majored in photography at Ithaca College in New York.

(Tempted to write New Yawk for inside jokes' sake but decided it was tacky and un-necessary. But apparently, I need to let you know about that anyway.)

I worked with her at Campbell Salgado Studio for a bit. She needs encouragement to pursue her own personal projects. That place has a way of sucking your soul right out of you. For instance, that chair in the image...I spent about 8 hours a day in it for about a year. That chair and my ass have a very intimate and personal connection. Including the three trips to Dania I had to endure to pick it out. (And I was right. It doesn't matter if I like the furniture or not because it DID last longer at Campbell Salgado than I did.)

See her photo of the day. Love her and encourage her like I do.

This is Leah.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


It's Kate Walsh wearing the cutest outfit I have ever seen.

(Weird...just now...typing Kate Walsh I realized I had a good family friend with that name. Never connected the two.)

Marcel Dzama

Almost every time I go in to work with Annette she has something special for me. Either it is money for work or weird random little things. Last week it was fancy wri ting paper because "people should really start writing letters to each other again." On fancy paper.

This week she was on the phone and handed me this "book" of Marcel Dzama's work and told me to pick one or two. The book was a cardboard folder filled with loose prints of his work. It is pretty much the best idea ever. Why don't all art books do this.

I picked this one of girls and guns pointed at guys wearing gas masks and breathing fire. It is totally weird. Annette said "Of course you picked that one. Did you just look through to see which one had the ladies in the shortest skirts?"

I should have picked the image above instead and spared myself the flack.

See the books here.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Jessica: Wait, they all go into the same room. Stand in corners to "vote." Then if your candidate doesn't get enough you can be coaxed to other corners?
Gavin: Yep.
Jessica: That doesn't even make sense!
Gavin: That is what they do.
Jessica: What if you don't want people to know who you are voting for or work late and can't make it to the school gymnasium of wherever the eff they are doing these shenanigans.
Gavin: Then you don't vote.
Jessica: Caucausesesesessszzzz are some crazy shit. It's like an adult red rover. School gymnasiums and all.

p.s Please notice how BAD all the candidates logos and sticker designs are.

Rain boots

I live in Oregon. I do not own any rain gear. I hate rain gear and am in denial that us Oregonians "need" it 8 months of the year.

I think that those working outside do for sure. (environmental scientists, the meter maids, any working in parks and rec.) I don't.

There is one thing that I am getting sick of though and that is wet feet. I like cute flats and have my frye boots for when I don't want to be warm but they don't work all the time. I feel myself breaking down every time I see a pair of rain boots. Especially all of these pairs that don't look like rain boots.

I might have to make one my own.

Cuddle Party.

I had an old boss that used to want to have a cuddle party. It was her idea of a good time and team bonding experience. Basically, I think she wanted us all to lay around and stroke her ego. This fact describes so much of her personality. I think cuddle parties sound contrived and creepy.

Here are the rules for cuddle parties aka bullet points in support of my opinion:
  1. Pajamas stay on the whole time.
  2. You must ask permission and receive a verbal “yes” before you touch anyone. (Be as specific in your request as you can.)
  3. You don’t have to cuddle anyone at a Cuddle Party, ever.
  4. If you’re a yes, say yes. If you’re a no, say no.
  5. If you’re a maybe, say no.
  6. You are encouraged to change your mind from a yes to a no or a no to a yes anytime you want.
  7. Respect your relationship agreements and communicate with your partner.
  8. Get your Cuddle Lifeguard On Duty or Cuddle Caddy if you have a question or concern or need assistance with anything during the Cuddle Party.
  9. Tears and laughter are both welcome.
  10. Respect people’s privacy when sharing about Cuddle Party and do not gossip.
  11. Arrive on time.
  12. Be hygienically savvy.
I think my favorites are 'cuddle caddy' and 'hygenically savvy.' And to me, this sounds like rules for a self-help-swingers-fest à la gen x.

(painting by mike monteiro via the beholder.)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Last Day for Love Songs!

Today is the last day I am accepting love songs for the compilation. E-mail me if you want to participate!

Bakery Bar

It is funny for me to see bloggers not from Portland blog about Portland places. Bakery Bar is one of those places. It has popped up on numerous blogs and come across my radar through everyday moving around-s. They sell what has to be hands down the best thing...cakes for two!

I think this is the cutest Valentine's Day idea. Now I just need a Valentine.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Duct Tape Dress Forms

I made a custom dress form when I was getting my Apparel Design degree at OSU. We used old school casting material and plaster. It took forever, was incredibly uncomfortable and the results were fine. One thing that really irritated me about the results was that you couldn't pin into the form. This made it extra difficult when we were learning a construction technique called draping where you create a garment through draping and slashing the fabric until it looks right.

A little while ago I found a how-to on etsy labs that teaches you about making a duct tape dress form. I think i'll try it soon. It is a handy tool to have when making clothes for yourself.


There are so many things I love about the spring/summer Heimstone collection. Each piece just belongs seamlessly with every other piece in the collection but not in a matchy-matchy way. Dresses, vests, jewlery etc. To me that is a sign of a cohesive collection.

Their website is also one of the best I have seen in awhile. Very simple and sophisticated.

Plus, they say printemps/eté instead of spring/summer.

xoxox Heimstone


Jessica: What did they just say?
Gavin: (Silence.)
Jessica: Dude, what just happened?
Gavin: Gahhh. I'm gonna miss it. Shhhh!
Jessica: Gavin, It's Saw IV!
Gavin: Listen, dialogue is only like 20% of the movie but when they speak it is about really important plot pieces.
Gavin: I hate when you interrupt. Why can't you just watch a movie and not do anything else.

heh, Saw IV. really important dialogue and plot pieces. duly noted.
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