Friday, June 27, 2008

Irana Douer

Kel sent me a link to Irana Douer's flickr of hand painted pottery.

She thought I would like it.

(I do, I really do!)


Dispatchwork by Jan Vormann

Bocchignano, Italy. Group project.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

My idea of foreplay...

Dude undresses chick with heavy machinery.

I love how dumpy that guy is with his big belly and how cute that chicks butt is.

They both add a nice umm...texture to the video.

Mine would be a portainer crane.

Alright already.

I keep running into this dress from clu.

It is supposed to be 98˚ here on saturday and sunday.

I should make it tomorrow.

It is a pretty hot dress that would be perfect for a hot day.

It would be hot squared. So hot heads will spontaneously combust.

Running in circles.

I searched my itunes this morning for a bit of time before settling on Stina Nordenstam's "The World is Saved" album. It was one of my favorite albums in 2004. Still holds up well today.

It seemed like very appropriate match for my baked egg and roasted asparagus breakfast.

I sat down to eat, listen and read the wiki on Michel Gondry.

Oh, what is this I see? He directed the Stina Nordenstam video for "Little Star."

(Any girl infatuated with Baz Lurhman's Romeo and Juliet will remember this song. The breathy, sweet, girly, warm-fuzzy song that played after Tybalt is killed and Juliet is wanting Romeo to come, and she wants for him to be cut into little pieces after he dies and make the face of night heavenly. That everyone will be in love with night, and not the garrish day. I'm just saying...)

Ch-Ch-Check it out. Not a great video but definitely good for some old fashioned reminiscing in the morning.

(Yes, she is Swedish. I actually don't think I'm allowed to listen to anything outside of that region anymore.)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Feeling a little stressed lately.

Making me happy today....

Faces In Places!

Melting Words

Kinda infatuated with Kotama Bouabane's "Melting Words" series.

I think mine would be less break-up infused.

More "We were meant to be together"
Less "I am trying to break your heart"

I want letter ice cube trays.

Scandinavian Invasion!

Add two more artists to my growing collection of beloved Scandinavian musicians.

Norwegian Silje Nes and Swedish Air France.

Give them a listen.

Download Silje Nes - Ames Room

Download Air France - Collapsing At Your Doorstep

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jealousy is an ugly, ugly thing...

I can't help it.

These are too cute.

Size 8.5 please.

I Love Typography

It is amazing to me how many different ways I can waste time.

Like just last night I spent about an hour with my new favorite blog I Love Typography.

Then I played the Rather Difficult Typography Game. (Which, I have played many-a-time before. My new high score is 28 after last night.)

I should order this book and become a certified typography N-E-R-D.

{Inside joke alert}

That said, let's compare:

sara a. tremblay

nice pictures.

cute undies.

love means sharing the same time.

(image via sara a. tremblay)


Luke's band Au is playing tonight at Holocene.

You should go see them and have a great time before he moves to NY, makes it big time and you never get to see them again.

Listen. Read.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Can't Sleep

digging these ethereal images from 史黛普.王' flickr.

animal masks and all....


really? really?


this seems a little too close for comfort.

Gentle Fawn

xoxo shorts and suspenders.

gentle fawn

Friday, June 20, 2008

Log Vase

I fell in love with this vase at a store on Mississippi Ave.

I have a total thing for household objects based off of organic designs coupled with monochromatic color schemes.

The Curiosity Shoppe carries it in their online shop.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Kel and I went for a walk today and stumbled into a nursery that sold tillandsia, aka. air plants.

I don't normally like house plants but these would be great in terrariums.

Plus they are fascinating and require no soil.

Nothing for the cats to dig in.

Tomoko Sawada

they are all the same...

Monday, June 16, 2008


Me: This is HI-larious.
Mom: You obviously still believed in the tooth fairy if you were expecting "lots of money."
Me: Are you trying to tell me the tooth fairy doesn't exist.

Found in my mom's closet.

Tooth circa 1987.

donna hay

donna hay's camp announced a web update which will include online recipes and menus.

xoxox donna hay.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Phillip Toledano

Images of Phone Sex Operators.

More work.

(image via mrtoledano)

All our songs...

I just found this sweet little video by director Moh Azima.

(You can find it on this page because it is protected blah blah blah. 2nd page, bottom right corner.)

It reminds me a lot of the stuff from the Janfamily

xoxo unorthodox images and expressions of love.

House Love

I think some people get baby brain and others get house brain. I want a house.

This doesn't help.

I also want to move to Prague.

Yeppity Yep Yep Yep. House. Prague.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

P.S. Let's Run Away

I found this image on Paavoharju's myspace. It is my new Let's Run Away.


Let's run away and wear big wool fair isles sweaters, sit on rooftops surrounded water and an eery haze at dusk (or dawn) & eat Smorrebrod and drink some Sima.

Then later we can dip into a hot spring, meet locals and butcher the language. Afterwards, touch toes and fall asleep under heavy wool blankets...maybe hoody blankets.



It has been awhile since I have listened to something new that has really grabbed me. Paavoharju's new album Laulu Laakson Kukista has successfully done it.

My first love was the dance-y tune Kevätrumpu and now I can't stop listening to the more mellow, less user friendly Italialaisella Laivella.

G2 and I just had a conversation as to how to classify the music. He says psychadelic/ambient. I think that is bullshit because never in history has there been anything classifiable as psychadelic that I have enjoyed. I think it is more folk-y and experimental.

It is like a beautiful fantastic little cake that is equal parts 80s Ofra Haza, Max Richter, Boards of Canada and contagious love.

Pitchfork describes it as
"scattering Europop, pastel electronics, and woolen drones like a tossed deck of Bicycle playing cards." Sounds about right...

I have been on a crazy Scandinavian kick lately with Swedish Lykke Li, Finnish Lau Nau, and now this.

Pitchfork Review

Album of the week at Boomkat.



Montaña Rusa

Sleepovers anyone?

Could be really fun.

This rollercoaster bed was part of an April exhibition La Montaña Rusa from the group Los Carpinteros at the Sean Kelly Gallery in NY.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


For those that cannot rendition of the outfit mentioned for Le Happy.

Tank & Jeans & Cardigan & Necklace & Purse & Sandals


Le Happy

If you live in Portland or have visited chances are you have experienced the wonderfulness that is Le Happy, the cutest most lovable crêperie ever.

If you haven't yet, drop everything and go tonight.

It is one of my favorite spots and has all the right accoutrements. It is cozy, stylish, bitchy wait staff, wall of fake flowers, good drinks, kitschy food etc.

For an art directed evening you should:

1.) Listen to "Je T'aime Moi, Non Plus" by Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg
2.) Wear skinny white jeans, a boyfriend cardigan, striped tank top, gold chain and sandals.
3.) Probably you should also drink Pernod on ice.....aaand smoke cigarettes.
(I'll pass on the ciggies.)
4.) Watch a film by Truffaut like Jules and Jim.
5.) French kiss. A lot.

Philip Glass for Sesame Street.

I don't think they still do innovative things like this with children's programming anymore.

The closest thing I can think of is 'Biz's Beat of the Day' on Yo Gabba Gabba. (Not that I am overly versed in children's programming.)

Philip Glass did a series of animations for Sesame Street in the 70s. This is one of them.

Read about it here. (Whoa, the muppets have their own wiki!)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Miu Miu Mini

So simple. So cute. I'm so making a rendition of this skirt tonight.

Then I will wear it with a tissue tee, boyfriend cardi and some flats.

Hells yes!


Kel has the soundtrack for "Friends" on her floor.

The line drawing of the cute 70s kids in a lip lock makes me all melty inside.

That is how I am with my "friends" too.

Buy it on 8-track. Ha!

Friday, June 6, 2008


Kel and Leah came over for breakfast this morning after our pilates class. I love morning times.

We drank a pot of coffee. I made a frittata with fingerlings, rosemary and a delicious sheep's milk ricotta salata. Accompanied with patio mustard greens and heirloom grape tomatoes.

Then kel and I spent the rest of the morning on Hot Chicks with Douchebags and Sorry I Missed Your Party.

Which, I was surprised to learn, she had never seen.

Not ashamed to admit I look at both of these for a good laugh quite often.

Lau Nau

Lau Nau: Painovoimaa, valoa from Sami Sänpäkkilä on Vimeo.

I put Painovoimaa Valoa by the Finish group Lau Nau on a mix of mine. Each time it comes on it makes me a little happy, sad, thoughtful, proactive. Basically every feeling & motivation, cause / effect rolled into one.

I'm a sucker for strings and sounds that could be construed as eery.

The video is equally great.

Yarn & Snow & Strings oh my!

Souther Salazar

Grasshut has a First Friday opening tonight of a bunch of studio mates based in LA.

Souther Salazar is one of them.

I like his stuff.

That's all.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stella McCartney Lingerie

So, umm. I saw Stella McCartney's lingerie line on A Cup of Jo.

Pretty much I want every piece from the line.

There is one thing in particular that caught my attention. Mostly this is due to my obsession with bralets.

Then I find the piece at net-a-porter and gasp! (It was really that dramatic.)

It is called the "Jessica Bathing Bra" and the "Jessica Bathing Briefs." The set literally has my name on it.

Some call this a sign.

Sea Forts

I had no idea these Sea Forts existed. I am in LOVE!

In love to the point that they are making me question my adoration for portainer cranes.

Can't stop reading & looking & exploring

I wish I came up with the SeaFort Project. Although, regardless of what the artist statement says, I think it was just an excuse to hang out on one of these sea creatures. I mean I'm all for isolation and its effects on creativity blah, blah, blah... but I think that has been done before. Many times.

3-Gripes for Today

1.) I'm tired.

2.) I don't want to work or write a paper.

3.) I just turned my heat on and spent most of the morning shivering in bed. Does Oregon know it is June 5th?

Ok, I'm done.

Hz So Good.

Writers are punny.

tech humor+eco-architecture=nerd love

p.s. That "house" looks like something I made for my Barbies at age 7 out of a corrugated cardboard box. If the three little pigs found it I think it would be done for. just saying.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Let's Run Away Pt. 3

Let's run away and build a yurt. (No really let's!)

Then we can spend all day swimming & reading lots of Tin Tin in the sun.

We'll eat s'mores at night (minus the chocolate for me) and listen to Sun Kil Moon's rendition of Space Travel is Boring.

See stars...maybe planets.

Stay up late. Sleep in.

And do it all over again the following day...


Dearest Skirt-kini,

I believe we were meant to be together in this life and forever.



p.s. That model still needs some extra meat.

Martian Sunset

Mars sunset shot by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit back in 2005

Via: NASA image of the day.
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