Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Dresses

I want a new dress.

(Ha. I think I say that every week. Always wanting something. Maybe I should take a forced buying hiatus like Joanna.)

Curious as to whether I could pull this look from urban off. I am taller, long legged and in general the stuff from urban seems to creep up on the indecent side of things. Although, given my history this shouldn't bother me right?

I am having a love affair with lumberjack plaid right now. It is so not me.

Diana Szeinblum

I went to see ALASKA last night with my mom. It was a dance by choreographer Diana Szeinblum presented by PICA.

I have a love-love relationship with contemporary dance costumes too. I want to make skirts like the ones the females wore. They moved so freely. Weekend project.

I loved it. If you are not in Portland and have an opportunity to see it I highly recommend you do. If you are in Portland and didn't see it...too bad you missed it.

Bon Iver

Ooooh. I'm such a stalker.

I was searching last night to find out concert dates for Bon Iver one of my new music favorites. I got an advance copy of his album in October and can't stop listening to it. The scheduled release date for "For Emma, Forever Ago" is Feb. 19. To me that means touring time! And, wouldn't you know, I was right!

Holocene (perfect venue), March 24th (perfect date) the only question now is...who to take!

You can download one of my favorites from the album "Skinny Love" here.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Photo a Day

Aly is doing a photo a day. I love the idea but I don't think i could ever stick with it.

Way to commit!

image: unruly things


Jessica: Can I get two Pilsners please.
Bartender Dude: Umm, that's a beer.
Jessica: Yes, I know.
Bartender Dude: What kind? There are many.
Jessica: The kind that comes from the tap in a pint glass. That I have previously ordered.
Bartender Dude: Well they all could come in a pint glass.
Jessica: And from the tap? What? I have never had to explain this before. I just walk up say Pilsner and you pour it.
Bartender Dude: Can I see some ID. This seems like a trick question.
Jessica: Seriously? Umm, Sure.
Bartender Dude: So one Pilsner and two Whiskeys?
Jessica: What? No, two Pilsners.
Bartender Dude: (pours drinks) Anything else?
Jessica: Nope, that is it. Can you put it on my tab? Last name R-I-S-...
Bartender Dude: Do you have a card.
Jessica: You have my card. You started a tab for me already.
Bartender Dude: Last name?
Jessica: Ughhh!

I have been told I come across as being bitchy and I might. But this guy deserved it. My friend said he was flirting but that seems backwards to me.

Grey Diamonds

I'm not one for romanticizing weddings. I never dreamed of my own and am kinda doubtful i will ever actually get married. I most likely will, but it will include a surprise trip somewhere, no family, no friends etc. I don't like big productions.

I do however LOVE this grey diamond ring and if I ever were to fantasize about an engagement ring, this would be it.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I wish...

I was a DJ and a watch person. I would wear old school pink air force ones, faded-grey-skinny-jeans, and t-shirts with little stars on 'em. Maybe I would be into ladies and wear one of these bad boys while I spun spankrock and cadence weapon with a little pretenders and LCD soundsystem thrown in. Slow dances to alphaville and tina turner.

I think I just found my secret life.

Meet Princess Fussy Face

Name: Princess Fussy Face.
Nicknames: fussy, fuss-nuss, faucet face (she drools a lot), fussita
Loves: Bonito Flakes, playing with hair ties, wine corks and her brother Björn, climbing onto the roof, rubbing herself against my shoes and licking my sweaters' armpits. (Gross fuss!)
Hates: The vacuum, her mom, lemons and chopping onions. She cries with me when I cook.

She ate my flowers yesterday. Here is proof. Way to go fuss!

Love Songs

I have gotten a great response to my Love Songs compilation so far. It is a completely random selection including:

Absolutely Cuckoo - Magnetic Fields
Open the Door - Otis Redding
Grovvy Kind of Love - Phil Collins

(See, random.)

I love it and there is room for MORE! So, email me and i'll let you know how to contribute a song and receive your very own compilation!

Dr. Feelgood

I'm not a huge makeup person. I wear light eye shadow, mascara and sometimes a little blush if I am looking really pale. About four year's ago I met Dr. Feelgood and he changed my life. It is a colorless balm that you can wear under makeup or alone and it just smoothes your complexion and matte-ifies your skin. And it smells nice.

I'm out again. I think it is time for a re-order.

xoxo Dr. Feelgood.


angela: what is your concentration like
jessica: umm, it is ok.
angela: ok?
jessica: well actually...there is a little guy on a bike that runs my brain. right now he is like track racing....on a track too steep. he might actually be the clown on the motorcycle in the spherical cage at the circus.
angela: so. scattered?
jessica: right.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I need new bras. I don't think I have purchased a new one since I was 19. The thing is...I don't need much. In fact I don't usually even buy bras, I buy bralets, aka: trainers for adults.  I cannot for the life of me rationalize spending $90 on something that consists of 6 square inches of lace and a clasp.

Gap body used to have the most amazing bralets. I went in last week and the sales clerk literally showed me the training bra section. Bummer.

I found this rad selection from Azaleas.

On a side note...there is nothing creepier than bras on mannequins.

Spring skirt..

I love this skirt from urban.

Love. I think I need it. Can't live without it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

They call this a parabola...


I put my tights on this morning and sat down at my table to drink coffee and eat breakie. I looked down at my knee and saw something metallic under the thin layer of knit...a number 8 sequin from new year's eve!

It immediately made me think of dancing my little buns off with my bestest, kel-bel, popping balloons with my heels, random kisses from strangers that I made dance like a penguin with me and champagne with elderberry syrup.

This night is also know as the best new year's I have ever had.

Awww. Take me back.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Brad: is jess here?
Annette: Yes, she is.
Brad: Is she wearing a short skirt?
Annette: The shortest.
Brad: I'll come visit in a little bit.
Annette: She is like L.A. in Portland.

(I don't know what that even means. Apparently, my hemlines precede me.)

The Ones We Love

I spent all last night browsing The Ones We Love. I think there is something about going through a break up that makes you crave these moments of togetherness and tenderness more than any other time in your life.

It made me happy to see these things in the lives of strangers.

(image by benjamin roulet)

iConcert Cal.

I cannot believe I have never posted on this topic before. I am astounded really. I approach strangers on the street, in restaurants, on the bus, mama's pushing babies at the park etc....and interrupt their day to tell them about the wonders of iConcert cal.

For all you itunes users, this little application will scan your entire music library and search for local shows of your artists. They do the obscure too. It is amazing. You can change your location too so if you are going out of town you can search for shows in say Seattle, San Fran, or even like Boise. (There is no real reason to go to Boise but it is just a for instance, you know?)

I actually don't think I would ever see a show if it wasn't for this interface.

Thanks to iConcert cal I have secured tickets to the following shows for the next three months. (I sound like an infomercial.)

Thanks iConcert cal!

Yeasayer @ Holocene
Dean & Britta @ The Aladdin
St. Vincent @ Doug Fir
Beach House @ Holocene
Cadence Weapon @ Holocene
Jens Lekman @ Berbati's
Sun Kil Moon @ The Aladdin

I am a happy little bee. If anyone wants to attend any of these with me let me know.

Jennifer Daniel

I have really enjoyed checking out Jennifer Daniel's illustrations and website. I think her url is my favorite part though. I won't ruin the surprise. Just look at it here.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Jessica: How is your neice?
Jamie: She is good. How is your niece?
Jessica: Huh?
Jamie: Nephew?
Jessica: Oh, my brother?
Jamie: Right, ha.
Jessica: He is fine. Almost a year.
Jamie: And your mom?
Jessica: Mom?
Jamie: Yea, isn't she like your age?
Jessica: Oh, you mean my peer who is sleeping with my dad?
Jamie: Ha.
Jessica: She's not even a peer she is like three tiers below peer. She's fine.

Love Songs!

I'm going to host a love song swap. But, since I'm a glutton for punishment I am taking on almost all of the work. What I need is for friends, fellow bloggers, stranger etc to email me their favorite love songs and I will make compilations and send them out to everyone that participates. I may only get five songs I may get 50. Who knows?!

I think this will be a fun experiment and great random Valentine's gift.

So, if you would like to participate and receive a compilation of peers' love songs send me an e-mail and I'll give you the rest of the details.

Please e-mail by February 5th.


Supper Club

I used to have weekly dinners with all my friends. It was a great way for all of us to take a step back from our daily grind and relax with cocktails, friends and great food. Then I lost my job and stopped making da' skrilla that could support fancy $150/wk meals for friends. But fuck it. It's on. I'm thinking once a month. That is reasonable. Than maybe I can send out actual invites in the mail, provide fancy drinks, finally finish watching R.Kel's Trapped in The Closet parts 1-23, and reconnect.

I'm thinking a cassoulet party, maybe the pot stickers that we have all talked so much about or a valentine's cocktail party considering this will be my first year in like eight that I am single on valentine's. Which, I will say is better than that year that I had two. Ha!

Who's in?

Internet Creep

There are times when I feel like an out of control voyeur. Like today when I spent an entire weekend reading about jakob and julia. (I understand that voyeurism was kinda the point of Jakob and Julia but it still doesn't make me feel good about it.) And then again today found piksi's flickr via czina.

I am quite convinced that:
1.) I am in love with her in that platonic girl love way.
2.) I want to pillage her wardrobe
3.) I need more brightly colored shoes, high waisted skirts and vintage leather bags.
4.) I have never wanted bleach blond hair more in my life. (Yes, know that would be a HORRIBLE look for me. But, one can dream.)

Ah, the sweet taste of jealousy.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Jessica: I think that is the gay guy that stole a kiss from me on New Year's.
Gavin: That guy isn't gay.
Jessica: Really?
Gavin: Yep.
Jessica: Oops.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tunes for Trees

I don't know how many of you buy music from itunes. I don't that often but in the future i'll do it through tunes for trees. They have a deal set up with itunes where you can purchase tracks through tunes for trees and for every 10 tracks you buy they will plant a tree.

I love it when consumerism and philanthropy go hand in hand.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bacon Scarf

I think this bacon scarf from Shopsin would be a great birthday gift for you know who...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I spent all day on Monday and Tuesday re-arranging my apartment. Big changes are ahead and this was a momentous first cleansing step. It feels fresh and new and my own.

I have complete areas now!

Like a work space, dining area that can accommodate more than 3 people and best of all a permanent sewing space in my favorite room in the house, the kitchen! (Although after the re-arrange my all-purpose living, dining, study is giving the kitchen some tough competition.)

It might not look like much but it means a lot to me:)

This is a thing called love...

I want this bag! I could put me entire living room in it and carry it around with me.

That would be R-A-D!

Friday, January 11, 2008


I have been wanting to watch The Lives of Others since it was in the theater. I think tonight is the night. Since I can't go away and build a cabin like I want I think I will do the next best thing and curl up on my couch with Lentilles de Puy, a glass of Pinot Noir, my blanket and a moooovie.

Now I just have to get through the rest of my day....


I love, love, love random public art. The Skelewags are cartoon characters that live among us.

Read about them here.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Lykke Li

I can't stop listening to 'little bit' by swedish chanteuse lykke li.

It is pop-y, dance-y and fun. Listen to the song and watch the video here.


I have been wanting to establish a dining are in my apartment for the longest time. Trying to cram six people in my tiny kitchen nook around a 36" round table doesn't work so well. I'm thinking about partitioning my living room so the front can house a larger table for projects and dinner parties. I like this, this this and this.

I wish I could get like a danish modern wooden table but I am on a fairly tight budget and anything new will be a splurge.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

By request...

I tried to explain this video to a pal tonight. It didn't translate.

For those who haven't seen it this is a video Michel Gondry did for Beck last (?) year. I don't like the song too much but I can watch the video for hours.

Hannah Clark

I am digging these 'saint' pendants from Hannah Clark. I don't know if I would actually wear one.

I'll ponder for a bit. I think St. Sartre is my favorite.

The Hood Internet

I'm a sucker for blogs that have download-able tracks in-line. I'm also a sucker for crappy mashups. Furthermore, I'm a sucker for improbable pictures.

Welcome to The Hood Internet. A place where I can squander away hours, learn nothing, have no sense of accomplishment but laugh consistently at the ludicrousness of the musical combinations. And, the mashup band photos.

I mean seriously, St. Vincent and Mac Dre?!?

R.Kelly and Jens? Kels and Broken Social Scene? R.Kelly with anoyone.

I'm in love.

(Have no disillusions. The mashups are awful. But the entertainment level is towards the end of exhilarating.)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Ulla Johnson

I don't know why stores think that it is a-ok to go straight from holiday wear to spring. I'm not talking resort either. This is straight up spring.

Granted they are the spring lines but it is like 30 degrees and rainy here. It is not the open toed shoe - shorts season.

But I want it to be so I can wear looks like these from Ulla Johnson.

Built By Wendy Patterns

I forgot all about these! I wish more designers did their own lines of patterns.

I want to get this one and make the outfits for the summer. Such a great idea for the sewing savvy.

All Over Coffee

My friend Kate told me about All Over Coffee by graphic artist Paul Madronna yesterday. I like the old fashioned-ness of the renderings with contemporary lingo and themes. I have to figure out where to find it.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

My Scary Baby

Free up 45 minutes, grab a glass of wine (i think a cab sauv goes great with fake baby) and the watch this, this, this, this & this.

Let's discuss.

I think these women are the ignored performance artists of our time.
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