Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vintage Drafting Stools

On the hunt for industrial drafting stools for a countertop at a café. The bases are going to get painted bright yellow to match the rest of the seating.


Vintage Adjustable , $99

Toledo Barstool Style, $239

The New Toledo Stool, $295

Vintage Wood/Metal, $94

Also, Can we talk about this:

Powder coat those, slip in some stained & treated wood, instant picnic table. Pair it with a set of the shorter version for bench seating.

So simple. So effortless. Swoon.



The first two options are terrific! I especially love that first one though!

Jake Nyen said...

Thanks for considering my new Toledo stool! We have a new design that we're about to unleash that's a little less expensive as well. Let me know how many you might want and we can work together within your budget.

Thanks again!

Jake Nyen

Nyen Designs

Cappuccino frío said...

nice blog!

Nathan said...

Great! Thanks!

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