Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Tennis. Marathon.

Kind of an adorable husband/ wife team. They go on sailing trips together.

Getting me through deciphering a glitch in some coding.


If you are in Portland this weekend, they are playing at Miss. Studios on Saturday.

You should go and make me jealous.

I will be out of town sifting through a huge storage unit looking for the title for my new vehicle so I can actually start driving the thing.

It is "In a box. But it could be in a box within a box. Or just in a stack of loose papers in a box."

Wish me luck.


beth said...

Oh, dear. Wishing you luck and then some...

SteveGTennis said...

Interesting post! I was looking for a tennis blog and this post came up, still always nice to read about tennis-playing couples. Hope you found the title and weren't searching for too long

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