Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Sweet Summers Night on Hammer Hill

It has been stressville over here in Heartthrobs Central. There is the doom a gloom of a potential move to California. This would entail moving my business and starting over.

For real.

Or not and the implications of that including an in town move. (Side note, I HATE moving.)

I have been a ball of stress all week.

On the way home from my Thursday 7am networking meeting Jens Lekman came on my iPod.

I sang.
I car danced.
I smiled and felt relaxed for the first time in 10 days.

Plus there is the added bonus of thinking of what a babe Jens is.
Instant cure.


alyson. said...

california!?!? we need to catch up my dear!

jordan said...

okay so, a few things...
1. although you are less than thrilled, i will go ahead and say that we californians would be happy to have you!
2. i love hearing about others' adventures of singing and dancing in the car. glad to know there are more out there who don't really give a shit how it must look!
3. jens is delicious. recently fell for his music, and i' so glad i did.

Sara said...

NO! Bad choice!! You would make it happy, but really... CA?? What do they have that you want??

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