Monday, December 7, 2009

Life as a Freelancer

Most days I love it.

Wake up when you want. Work your own hours. Choose your co-workers.

There are others with clients like this make me question my entire livelihood.

Anyone want to start an email advice group for freelance designers that have to deal with difficult clients?

I always feel too emotionally involved with the person and the work to think clearly.

I read the above article about 20 minutes before shit hit the fan and then proceeded to run through every comment looking for clarity.

Two of my favorite:

"When I do graphic design work, the clients who are willing to trust me are the ones I want to work with. Ones with parsimonious attitudes are rarely the ones happy with what you're doing. It's like they're so sure they're going to have to fight for what they want, they don't realize that all their vacillation and hesitation costs them more in the end."


"invariably it seems to happen that the amount of money they're willing to spend is in inverse proportion to their level of difficulty. i have had clients who gave me carte blanche, made quick and final decisions when presented with choices, loved the results and gladly paid to have the work implemented as well as for the many hours i billed them. then there are the ones who want to spend $200 for everything including my fee and want to make a drama about every little detail. i've learned to say no to these people from the first conversation. it's not worth the aggravation."

The thing that makes me crazy is I spent time pandering and stressing instead of using that energy towards totally amazing clients that deserve my love.

Done ranting. Back to being productive.

Today is going to be a lovely day.

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Emily Katz said...

wow. I can't believe how ungrateful she was.

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