Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dinner Parrrrrty.

My friend Missy is leaving. Boohoo hoo.

She just graduated and being that there are no jobs in Portland she is bidding adieu.

I always end up inviting more people than I can accommodate. This leads to people sitting in funny places...or not sitting at all.

This table is a dream. Seating for everyone. Rustic. Stylish. Looks great with dim lighting. Better with my food.

I also think my friends would look great sitting at it.

I think i saw it on Canadian House & Home. Not sure though.

(Not that I don't already think they look good.)


mosey said...

This table is awesome. It kindof doesn't seem impossible to make, either... a few pieces of rustic looking lumber and some legs. maybe i'm delusional.

efi p. said...

what a fantastic dining space!! so jealous!! i am still trying to find some chairs to go with my dining table...

Anonymous said...

i think it's from last year's apartment therapy??? i'm sure they just did a "then &now" feature thing recently and it had this scene.

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