Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We Get It!

There is an ongoing joke about how much the New York Times loves Portland.

I keep wanting to disprove it but everytime you turn around there is a new feature.

Like Sunday's Frugal Portland.

I grew up in New York but have lived here since the 90s. Sadly to say, I am almost as local as it gets. My Mother's boyfriend moved here from NY last spring after reading so much about it in the times.

I am okay with people moving here. Boo to raised rents, any loss of indie spirit, more traffic blah blah blah. But please, dear god, bring decent jobs with you so we can stop reading stories like this.

Photo: via nyt


Roberta Jane said...

Oh no, that was a totally depressing article. There was no bright side! Although I think a similar article could be written about a lot of cities right now. But depressing since I am one of the people planning to move there! (which I know is kind of annoying, but I love Portland and HAVE to get out of California!!!)

Allison said...


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